The Strength of a Concept
1 Question = 3 Words

The R3m Score measures the emotional activation of your customers and employees in just 3 words.

Thanks to its powerful algorithms, the R3m Score analyzes spontaneous feelings and delivers a score of greater sensitivity than the usual standards.


Improving customer satisfaction

Measure your customers’ true satisfaction regarding your products or the relationship with your teams. Determine the level of engagement throughout their customer’s experience.

Identification of the ambassadors

Increasing the customer basket

Detection of at-risk customers

The R3m Score solution 1
The R3m Score solution 2

Keeping your talents

Measure employees alignment with company strategy. Identify the most popular actions to make your work environment “a Great Place to Work.”

On boarding of new employees

Wage policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Developing brand image

Identify consumer feelings at each point of contact. Make sure the values claimed by the brand are shared by consumers or detect weak signals.

Brand management

Advertising impact

Focus Group

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Designing the best deal

Measure the strength of the emotional impact of your offer throughout its design. Identify the decisive insights to activate consumer decision-making.

Product Launch

Packaging test

Pricing models



A study in one question. The respondent simply has to say the first 3 words that come to his mind when he comes out of an experiment or when he thinks of a brand.


A spontaneous approach without any induction or orientation in the choice of responses. The R3M Score provides more refined teachings that are as close as possible to reality.


The R3m Score adapts to all audiences including children thanks to its many methods of collection: online, face to face, phone, home, on site…


The R3M Score combines human expertise and technology. It is based in particular on algorithms resulting from 3 years of research and development work.


The R3m Score provides an indicator for measuring emotional activation with a greater amplitude than conventional standards. It is the perfect complement to classic KPIs.


The R3m Score has been tested in more than 50 product categories and in several languages.
Its ease of implementation makes it particularly well suited to multi-country survey protocols

The R3m Score solution 5

A score

The R3m Score measures the emotional activation of your customers and collaborators and provides an indicator of greater sensitivity than traditional standards. 


The R3m Score reveals insights to better understand consumers’ feelings and assess the impact of your marketing actions.

A diagnosis

The R3m Score offers a discriminating analysis of your studies. Get more accurate information and use the results more easily in your actions.

Trying r3m score is adopting it

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